Yelp, Apple Maps, and iOS Integration

With roughly 132 million monthly users, Yelp continues to be an important site for users to search reliable businesses, look at ratings, write reviews, search directions, and browse menus.[1]

With over 57 million reviews, Yelp constantly influences customers’ decisions when they search for a reputable local business.[2] High ratings and positive reviews capture their attention, while low ratings and negative reviews immediately turn them away. With this being said, your business reputation on Yelp is very important to prospective customers and can directly affect the success of your business.

Apple Maps Integration

In 2012, Apple Maps integrated Yelp content into their app so users could not only locate businesses via the map, but also read reviews; see photos, and check-in to businesses. With this integration, exposure to Yelp increased greatly for all Apple users (44.3 U.S iPhone users in 2012). [3]

Apple Maps

Apple Maps

As of this June, Apple announced they are integrating with iOS Infotainment systems in vehicles; meaning an even greater increase in Yelp consumer exposure for the 63.2 million iPhone users in the U.S. [4]

With this iOS integration, users with iOS devices that drive vehicles with iOS infotainment, will be able to connect their phone to their vehicle accessing the Yelp integrated Apple Maps.


Importance of Yelp Integrated Apple Maps

Think about how often you use your Maps app on your phone while on the go. With this vehicle integration, every time someone looks for a business using Apple Maps, they will also be exposed to Yelp reviews.

This Yelp, Apple Maps, and iOS Integration means that your business Yelp reputation will instantly become that much more important as users frequent the site while on the go. Whether they are looking for a restaurant, dealership, hairdresser, or spa, they want to see high ratings and great reviews to make their visit worthwhile.


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