The Influence of the Customer Experience

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Times Square is the perfect example of advertisements galore. As a major tourist location, billboards and advertisements are displayed on just about every side of each building where wandering eyes would look.

The Latin word, ad vertere, meaning ‘to turn toward’ was for many years the answer to get people through doors, to influence people to choose a certain brand. Ad vertere, also known as advertising, was the way to go.

If you wanted to get the word out about your business, you would buy the largest billboard in the center of town. Newspapers, magazines, street corners, you name it and a business would pay the money to get their name out with the goal being to drive consumer behavior and perhaps show signs of a successful business.

Today, although people still see advertisements all around, when it comes to selecting a company to do business with, more often than not people turn to online review sites to read about personal experiences.

These customer experiences are becoming the new form of advertising.

The New Advertising – Customer Experience

If a consumer is looking for a restaurant in the area and sees a billboard for one, chances are her curiosity won’t end there. She’ll go home and read reviews about the food, atmosphere, and overall customer experience provided at that restaurant. If the negatives outweigh the positives, that restaurant has lost her business.

This example provides insight into the modern buying process. It turns out that 85% of consumers say they read up to 10 reviews before trusting a business.[1] With review sites widely available and customers taking advantage of them by writing their experiences, it’s no wonder people want to hear others’ views before taking action.

Yelp Reviews

Yelp Reviews


Nowadays it’s important for businesses to differentiate themselves by these experiences. You can no longer gain more customers by just buying advertising space all around town; you must work to achieve high customer experiences in and out of your store and especially on your online review sites.

3 Steps to Achieve Successful Customer Experiences

1. Great Service, Attention, and Presence

To provide your customers with positive experiences, it starts inside your doors. You must give your customers your full attention listening to their needs and concerns and following through to help them to the best of your ability while remaining respectful and professional throughout their visit.

To be sure your whole team has a solid idea of your goals, have training sessions on how to provide 5-star customer service. You don’t want one employee’s actions to affect your business as a whole when their negative customer service reaches your review pages and lowers your ratings. 

2. Monitor Your Online Reputation

Once you’re being effective in store, it’s important to pay attention to your online reviewers. It may not be obvious that someone is unhappy at your store until you see that negative review pop up online. This is your chance to turn the experience around. By responding to all reviews, whether negative or positive, you’re showing your customers you appreciate their business and/or want to make things right.

If you weren’t able to make their first visit a positive one, change it.  If a negative review is written, this customer’s experience can affect hundreds of potential customers who see the review, so put forth effort to solve the issue and show others your business cares.

3. Get a Street Team at Your Business!

Online Reputation Street Team

Online Reputation Street Team

Having a Street Team at your business a few times a week and during your business events is a great way to boost your online reputation, give your social sites a personal touch, and provide customers an even more unique experience.

Our Street Team comes directly to your business to interact with customers and encourage them to Check-In on Yelp to make them more active users on the site. That way, if they are to write a review about your business, it is more likely to stick on your page.

With the Street Team present, offering a Check-in deal, you’re not only providing your customers with a nice gift, but you’re improving their overall experience and making it more likely they will leave a review. These reviews in turn lead to more direct sales.

Photos of Check-in offers, the team, products, and event decor!

Photos of Check-in offers, the team, products, and event decor!

The Street Team takes photos of your store, happy customers, products, event décor, and photos of your team and uploads them online to make your social sites stand out. These personalized photos encourage fans to attend your event, get involved, and interact with your business.

While our Street Team was present, we saw a 900% increase in positive reviews and an increase of 90 Check-ins at a client event.  These statistics prove that our efforts do boost your review pages and get those customer experiences online.

Why hire a team outside of your company? 

Our team is specifically trained to directly engage with your customers on a one-on-one basis. We’ll help train your customer-facing employees to understand the importance of your online reputation and make sure the team is on board.

With direct connections to both Google and Yelp, we’re social experts who are comfortable explaining the ins and outs of these sites with customers if they’d like to know more.

By hiring an outside team, your employees can focus on what they do best while we handle the rest.

If there’s an opportunity to make your customer experience stand out, take it.


Although traditional advertising does remain a popular tactic to gain customers, the customer experiences written throughout the web are the advertisements you want to pay attention to and take action on.

These online reviews are more powerful than any size billboard around town because anyone and everyone has access to them. This is where your unique customer experience needs to be seen.

If you provide unbeatable customer service, monitor your reviews, and get a Street Team at your store, you’re in line for success.

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