Your Customers are Visual; you need to be, too.

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If you’re under 30, you’re double-tapping photos of everything from food to puppies to sunsets to shoes. The question businesses stress to answer is, “how do you translate this to new sales and new repeating customers?”

The millennial is no longer your niece or nephew who ‘spends too much time on that phone’. They are 24% of the entire population, who are savvy shopping always looking for a great deal. Yes, they also could be known as the mobile generation, and they spend more time on Instagram than on Twitter, YouTube, or their Gmail.

The answer, “get on their level”. Your millennials are listening visually. What in the Instagram do we mean by that? Text-based marketing will no longer work, you need to market via photos and short videos. We compiled all the popular visual social channels and tell you how to reach your younger audience.

What should you be marketing? Since most Millennials live in urban areas, and parking is a premium, show-off your compact vehicles, your electric vehicles, and eco-friendly options. (Nissan LEAF, Chevy Spark, FIAT 500e, just to name a few.)

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 2.25.09 PMInstagram
Platform: Mobile – Android, iOS, Windows
# of Users: 300+ Million Monthly Users (That’s 13% of TOTAL Internet Users.)
Auto Manufacturers With Accounts: Toyota, BMW, Acura, Jeep, Dodge, Porsche, Scion, Nissan, FIAT, MINI, Audi, smart USA, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley
Marketing Suggestions: Get those hashtags in motion. Start a unique hashtag for your location or a new model, and get your fans involved with posting their cars!

Platform: Mobile – Android, iOS, Windows
# of Users: 40+ Million Monthly Users (Over 12 Million Vines uploaded to Twitter daily!)
Auto Manufacturers With Accounts: Toyota, BMW, Acura, Chrysler, Porsche, Nissan, FIAT, MINI, Audi, smart, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Jaguar
Marketing Suggestions: Daily Features. Video of new models being unloaded.
Penske Auto Mall Vine Example:

Platform: Mobile – Android, iOS, Windows
# of Users: 100+ Million Monthly Users
Auto Manufacturers With Accounts: Nissan, Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz
Marketing Suggestions: A Day in the Life of a Vehicle? Have one of your staff members take one of the vehicles to popular spots around town. Start at a donut/coffee shop, move to a deli, sunset view point, and a popular dinner spot are just scratching the surface.

 Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 2.11.29 PMPinterest
Platform: Desktop & Mobile – Android, iOS, Windows
# of Users: 70+ Million Monthly Users
Auto Manufacturers With Accounts: Toyota, Acura, Infiniti Racing, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Porsche, Nissan, FIAT, MINI, Audi, Ford, Honda, Land Rover, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley
Marketing Suggestions: Community events, accessories, Businesses you work with. Create fun localized boards of place to take your new car. Board Recaps of your events.

Snapchat Image Credit

For more social tips, contact us!

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Expand your Network and Improve your SEO with Google Reviews

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Google is the largest; most used search engine in the world. With over 40,000 search queries every second and 3.5 billion searches per day, it’s the powerhouse when it comes to information and connections throughout the Internet.

Your business is being Google searched daily and a decision is made right when your listing pops up in the search result. If a customer sees a low rating (or no rating) directly beneath your name, you’re losing potential business right there.

The Ins and Outs of Google Searches

To help customers find you on Google, you need to set up a business Google+ listing that will make it easier for Google’s search engine to index and understand your content and appear higher in search results. Something as simple as having an optimized page can help you create a positive impression on consumers searching and viewing your listing.


As seen above, when searching a local restaurant, ‘Devine Pastabilities,’ the company’s Google listing appears as the first search result with direct access to their address, phone number, and Google+ page where consumers can read reviews or write their own.

Your business Google+ rating appears directly below your business name on Google, so it is imperative that you monitor your Google+ reviews and respond to all customers who leave reviews on your site.

With 300 million monthly active users on Google+ and the average Google+ visit being 3 minutes and 46 seconds, you need to immediately impress those searching your business with a high rating. Think about it, when was the last time you bought products from a 2-star business?
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Facebook Reviews and Your Online Reputation

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It’s one week before your mother’s birthday and you want to find the perfect gift. You would like to buy from a trustworthy company with good prices and great quality, but have no idea where to start.

You ask friends and family about gift ideas and you go online to search reviews from other customers.

85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses and 88% of consumers read online reviews. With statistics this high, it is evident that people will be searching for you and seeking out reviews for your business.

Facebook is Very Important to your Business

Facebook is one of the most important sites where reviews cannot be ignored. With 864 million daily active users, Facebook is no longer just a social site to connect with friends and family, but is now a major site for researching and connecting with local businesses.

If your business is on Facebook and you’re not monitoring reviews, you’re missing out on important feedback from customers and failing to impress potential buyers who are judging your business based on these reviews on your page.

Facebook Page

Facebook Page

Facebook Reviews: Who, Where, How?

Facebook reviews can be written on any local business page, by any Facebook user, at any time and all reviews are public.

Seen on the left, your overall rating for reviews is directly located under your business name, which immediately associates your business with either a high or low score.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 3.05.43 PM

Facebook Review Rating

If your rating is 4 stars or above, 92% of users are likely to use your business. 3 star rating? Now, only 72% of users will use your business. With 2 stars, only 27% are likely to use your business.  It’s obvious to see the decline of trust in a business when their ratings are low.

Don’t let your company lose business and revenue from a low Facebook rating. Give users a reason to look further down your page after you impress them with your 5 star rating! Read More

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Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm

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As of this January, Facebook rolled out their new algorithm to limit the spread of overly promotional posts within users’ News Feeds.

This means fewer tacky promotional posts will be in News Feeds and more creative content will be widely spread and more visible. With this new update, Facebook users will no longer be hassled by various click-bait posts grabbing their attention and leading them nowhere.

Facebook’s goal is to display content that users want to read and enjoy, so the key is to keep your content original, personalized, and creative!

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.43.43 PM

Example of original, personalized post!

What does this mean for you?

If your business is producing original, creative, personalized posts, your content will continue to be shared throughout Facebook’s News Feed just as it is now.

Successful posts are ones that that contain trending topics, tags and hashtags, links, and posts with multiple likes and comments from fans.

If your business content is overly promotional with phrases and punctuation like, ‘BUY NOW, limited time only,” “YOU COULD WIN THIS TODAY,” or click-bait that misleads your customers, your content may not be shared at all within Facebook’s News Feed.

Increased Visibility for Targeted Ads

If your business is not doing so already, get started with targeted ads and target audiences in your specific location, of a certain demographic, or by certain interests.

With a newly monitored, and clean News Feed, your targeted ads will have greater visibility with your audiences.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 12.54.29 PM

Targeted Ad

The image on the left is an example of targeted ad that was used to target people within the radius of the dealership as well as in-market individuals looking for a BMW or other similar luxury brand.


  • Impressions: 52,682  (Times the ad was seen)
  • Total Clicks to the page: 867
  • Average Cost per Click: $0.56

With targeted ads, your ads are specifically aimed at interested customers in your area with buying interest.

The more likes, comments, and shares your ads receive; the more powerful your content will be as it will be shared with not only those targeted, but the friends of those who interact as well!

Facebook Image 

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Special Projects Coordinator

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We have hundreds of wonderful clients and want to keep them better informed of all the amazing things we can do for them. That is why we need a Special Projects Coordinator!

What does a Special Projects Coordinator do?

  • They call current clients!
  • Travel all over the country to meet with clients!
  • Build close relationships with clients!
  • Help clients reach their goals!
  • Work with our team members in our offices in San Diego, CA, New York City, Omaha, NE and Cookeville, TN!
  • Work with our marketing team to launch new ideas!
  • Have fun working!

Whether you’re a server, bartender or just looking to dive into a new exciting career, we are looking for outgoing, social, hardworking people to join our team!

If you’re looking to transition into a more professional career but don’t have much experience, please apply!

What qualifications do you need to be a Special Project Coordinator?


  • No past sales or enterprise level experience needed!
  • Outgoing, comfortable, and presentable in business-type events and situations
  • Familiar with social media
  • Typing skills are required
  • Available to travel locally and around the United States
  • Reliable transportation
  • Basic level understanding of technology
  • Understanding of enterprise-level sales a plus

About Chief Ingredient:

We’re a consulting firm that helps medium and large businesses save millions by streamlining their digital marketing teams, processes and effectiveness.

We are a rapidly growing and diverse company. If you’re smart, experienced, driven, and have a desire for advancement then Chief Ingredient will be the place for you!

Starting salary is based on experience and qualification.

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How do you Holiday? 3 Steps to Success!

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It’s the holiday season and millions are turning to online sites and social media to get the best deals and products for friends and loved ones. Is your business taking full advantage of the season with sales events, themed promotions, and spreading your holiday cheer?

With 74% of shoppers searching online to inspire holiday wish lists and 2 in 5 consumers researching online to find a good deal, your business needs to be on these social pages with exciting events, sales and deals for them to purchase and participate right then and there.[1] 

Get your business in the mix by participating in these holiday ideas to boost success and sales this holiday season.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.08.35 AM1. Throw a Holiday Sales Event!

With your customers searching the internet for ways to save money, attract customers with a holiday sale or discount only available on your Facebook and/or social media sites.

With an exclusive, time sensitive sale, consumers will be more inclined to purchase. This is also a great way to retarget your social fans by renewing their interest in your brand and products.

When Facebook analyzed over 60 campaigns, 70% had a 3x or greater return on ad spend with 49% having a 5x or greater return on ad spend. [2] Boost your holiday sales with a small ad spend!

Advertising these sales on your social media pages will get you increased interaction with consumers, brand awareness, and more participation!

2. Create Themed Promotions!

Social media provides infinite opporUntitled2tunities for your business to get the word out about your brand, sales events, and products this season.

With social media ads and giveaways, you will extend your reach, get consumers excited to participate, and increase clicks to your website, getting you more people interested to buy!.

thumbnailWith a growing variety of social advertising options, you can even target audiences based on specific demographics to reach those people in your area, of a certain age, or those who are interested in your products based on their previous and recent Internet searches.

Running a Holiday Giveaway will encourage people to visit your social media pages and get them excited to win. You can re-engage previous customers and get your content shared on their pages and to their followers and friends as well.

When consumers were asked, “‘what type of holiday content are you most likely to share?’ 67% said digital coupons and 63% said a link to a holiday contest or giveaway.”[3]

Grow your content organically on social media by creating themed promotions!

3. Deck Your Social Halls with Holiday Cheer!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.38.54 AMPresents, peppermints, and parties galore!

Whether you’re taking part in a holiday event, spreading holiday decorations throughout your building, or donating to a local toy drive, share your seasonal spirit with your fans.

Adding this personal touch to your social media pages will make your business stand out among the rest and give your customers even more reason to love your business.


Using these steps to boost your social media game this holiday season will get you on track for a successful end of the year! Start a Facebook Giveaway, explore Twitter advertising, and share your holiday spirit today. Get the most out of the holiday season and see more sales successfully soar!


[1] Socially Stacked. Holiday Shopping Trends 2014.

[2] Facebook.

[3] Constant Contact-

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Trends We Saw in 2014

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2014: Social Turns to Advertising

This past year, social media and online reputation has run rampant. From sites like Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Yelp, users are turning to each to stay in the loop with their favorite brands, find information, ask questions, and make purchasing decisions.

For businesses, being active on social media is no longer optional; it’s mandatory for crucial success and growth.

Whether using a small budget to reach a wider audience, posting live event photos on your business Instagram account, or keeping your reputation sites active with responses to customers, the more effort you give, the more success your business will have.

1. Paid Social Media

It’s no secret content is king in social media, but really took over as a channel of paid advertising this year.

From Custom Audiences within Facebook’s Ads Manager, to lead-generating Twitter Cards, for a small budget, being able to grow your online presence not only became easier, but also an absolute necessity.

With just one three-day social advertising campaign, one business had 15,208 impressions and 488 total clicks to their website at an average of $0.29 cost per click. 

2. The Visual ShiftScreen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.33.45 AM

A picture is worth 1,000 likes, or at least is on Instagram and other social networks. The most engaging posts across all networks this year were visually focused with photos or short videos.

Instagram was the breakout network for socially active businesses this year.

With over 200 million monthly active users and 60 million photos shared daily, capturing your business in this visual environment is crucial for this engaging, very active community.

3. Reputation Megaphone

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.32.28 AMYou may not always want to read what people are saying about your business on sites such as Yelp and Google, but you cannot ignore it.

Yelp is currently being used on over 10.4 million unique mobile devices monthly, which means, people are searching for businesses like you, and are making their purchasing decision based on what your online reputation is saying.

Take control of your reputation listings, and remember that the customer experience starts online, hours, sometimes even days before they step into your location.

4. Your Competitor Is on Social Media, are you?

If you have not taken control of your social media accounts, you are losing customers every day. 75% of customers rely on social media to make their purchasing decisions.

If you’re not active on social networks and your competitors are, you are hurting your growth. 2014 was THE year to go from #ZeroToSocial, and 2015 will be the year to keep that momentum at full speed.

5. Traditional Advertising is No Longer Reaching its Markets

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 1.16.01 PMWith the rise in online resources, apps, and sites to obtain favorites like music, TV shows, movies, and news around the globe, people now turn to the internet and smart phone apps for their main entertainment, meaning these traditional ads are no longer reaching their markets.

Consumers are opting for Sirius XM Radio, Pandora and Spotify over your everyday radio stations, replacing cable and satellite with commercial free options like Netflix and Hulu, and making a switch from newspapers to Internet based news channels such as Yahoo News, Hacker News and Twitter.

To top things off, when consumers are spending time doing these things, they are also checking their social pages, so not to miss out on one single thing.

If you are a business trying to reach your target base, these traditional methods are not enough. ​Social is becoming the go-to for reaching your customers so get on board.


With 2014 coming to a close, it’s time to boost your business game and put 100% effort towards your social media and online reputation goals for the New Year.

If your business wants high numbers in 2015, get on any and every social site and stay active! Get your customers interested and engaged with exciting visual content. Add a personal touch to the posts you create and give consumers a reason to choose you for their purchases.

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Business Development Position

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Are you looking to transition into a more professional career, but don’t have much experience?

Whether you’re a server, bartender or just looking to dive into a new exciting career, we are looking for outgoing, social, hardworking people to join our team!

Travel to fun places like San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Florida as you work with team members in our offices in San Diego, CA, New York City, Omaha, NE and Cookeville, TN.

Keys to your Success:

  • You find travel exciting and love meeting new people
  • You enjoy helping customers reach their goals
  • You can communicate effectively
  • You dive in to solve issues
  • You like to search out and look for new solutions
  • You can work independently while still being part of the team
  • You seek out new ways to reach our target market
  • You are comfortable in fast-paced situations

Your Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with peers and drive new interest in our product and services
  • Network to build new contacts within our target market
  • Connect with referrals at meetings, conferences and industry events
  • Communicate effectively to build and strengthen relationships
  • Stay organized keeping track of your progress, relationships and referrals

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4 Tips to Build a Community Base on Instagram

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With 200 million active members and over 20 billion photos shared a month, it’s apparent that Instagram is becoming more and more popular amongst consumers and businesses alike.

For businesses, Instagram provides a creative visual connection between the brand and the customer. A space for ‘likes,’ questions to answer, and interaction with fans. People turn to Instagram to see photos of topics they’re interested in, clothes they like, places to visit, cars to buy, etc.

Instagram users can not only see posts from those they follow, but when searching a hashtag, they can see every post that uses that tag. So businesses, take note. You need to use hashtags your audience will search, widening your opportunities to reach customers, gain followers, and increase brand awareness!

Businesses, Take Action!

Instagram Post using various hashtags

Instagram Post using various hashtags

1. Find your Niche and Hashtag!

If you’re spending time creating posts and editing photos, you want them to be seen, right? Hashtagging is a must within Instagram and a powerful way to not only get your content out there, but also establish your brand and gain a large community base amongst various groups.

Use hashtags that your fans and customers would search. A travel company would use these: #travel #exploremore #adventure #Europe #roadtrip. A BMW dealership should use these: #BMW #i3, #power, #auto, #Mpower, #fastcars.

When people search these hashtags, your content will pop up, opening your content to a wider community and more opportunities for followers and fans.

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The Influence of the Customer Experience

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Times Square is the perfect example of advertisements galore. As a major tourist location, billboards and advertisements are displayed on just about every side of each building where wandering eyes would look.

The Latin word, ad vertere, meaning ‘to turn toward’ was for many years the answer to get people through doors, to influence people to choose a certain brand. Ad vertere, also known as advertising, was the way to go.

If you wanted to get the word out about your business, you would buy the largest billboard in the center of town. Newspapers, magazines, street corners, you name it and a business would pay the money to get their name out with the goal being to drive consumer behavior and perhaps show signs of a successful business.

Today, although people still see advertisements all around, when it comes to selecting a company to do business with, more often than not people turn to online review sites to read about personal experiences.

These customer experiences are becoming the new form of advertising.

The New Advertising – Customer Experience

If a consumer is looking for a restaurant in the area and sees a billboard for one, chances are her curiosity won’t end there. She’ll go home and read reviews about the food, atmosphere, and overall customer experience provided at that restaurant. If the negatives outweigh the positives, that restaurant has lost her business.

This example provides insight into the modern buying process. It turns out that 85% of consumers say they read up to 10 reviews before trusting a business.[1] With review sites widely available and customers taking advantage of them by writing their experiences, it’s no wonder people want to hear others’ views before taking action.

Yelp Reviews

Yelp Reviews


Nowadays it’s important for businesses to differentiate themselves by these experiences. You can no longer gain more customers by just buying advertising space all around town; you must work to achieve high customer experiences in and out of your store and especially on your online review sites. Read More

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